Geneva longs to be a real field agent, but for all the years she’s worked with the CIA, she just can’t seem to land the big promotion. Fortunately, her mean boss gets transferred to another precinct – and it’s out with the old, in with the new. Geneva must do all she can to impress the new director if she wants a shot at achieving her dreams of being a certified CIA agent. But before then, Geneva gets into a sticky situation with a stranger and a one-night stand.Despite her gut feeling and her friends’ advise, she allows emotion overrule logic. When she finds out about who the stranger truly is and his intentions, a fight ensues. A fight that ends with Geneva getting hit by a car in the street. She is quickly rushed to the hospital by none other than Randolph, who would turn out to be the new director of the CIA. 
With Randolph sworn into seat, their first mission is a covert op in Russia. He takes a few members of the team, and strictly declines Geneva’s request to be a part of the mission. Geneva, who sees this as the perfect opportunity to prove herself, doesn’t take no for an answer, even though his reason for denying her request is so she can fully heal from her injuries. Geneva ends up on the team. However, from her first night in Russia, she begins to wonder if she’s bitten more than she can chew. Her best friend, Reina, who’s also on the team, goes to a club and gets drunk on their first night of arrival. A mistake she never should have made, as that one night not only jeopardized their mission, but put all their lives in danger. Geneva is now burdened with way more than she bargained for: keeping her friends safe, accomplishing the mission, and impressing the new boss – especially as they become too fond of each other.


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