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Born in Glasgow, poverty was a way of life, but we survived and it gave me both the strength and character to try and achieve my goals. I am now in the progress of writing a biography of my life, and calling it ‘The Trial and Tribulations of Nicholas P Clark, Nae Regrets’.
I joined the Merchant Navy as a 15th Engineer after Qualifying as a Marine Engineer, and after seven great years in the Navy, joined the ranks of middle management, ending up as CEO of international organisations. Our own company was one of the first to enter Russia in the early 1990s, and I’ve spent 30 years running our own businesses in the UK. I have now handed the overseas business over to my two sons, but I’ve found the publishing business more difficult than I thought!!!
Nicholas P Clark was born onto the mean streets of Glasgow. Uninterested with living a mediocre life, Clark left school at 15 to complete an engineering apprenticeship, qualifying 5 years later as a marine engineer, at which point he left England for South Africa as an engineering officer. After serving 7 years in the Merchant Navy, Clark was ready for a new adventure and went on to become an international businessman. He started his career Willy Wonka style, working as the chief engineer of the largest chocolate factory in Brazil. Within 7 months, he had become the managing director, and within 4 years had increased the operations turnover from $10 million a year to $60 million, at which point he was persuaded to move to America.

After working in the US for 3 years, Clark decided to make the move back to the UK to be with his young family. He became Director of UB foods in London and eventually moved to Gerber Foods with his friend Angus Grant. Together, they transformed the business from a £50 million a year operation to £200 million, at which point the young entrepreneur sought a new challenge and decided to start his own company, Morrison & Clark International, and entered the Russian market in January 1990. Clark spent more than 20 years building his own business in Russia. Life in Russia added even more colour into Clark’s life, as interactions with the KGB and Russian Mafia became part of everyday life and trips to Moscow Airport required a police escort. It was during this time that Clark decided to start his literary career. 
A creative and diverse character, Clark drew from his wealth of life experience around the globe to create his work, and after a glittering and highly successful business career, decided to leave behind the corporate world in 2010 to fulfil his creative dream and concentrate on writing full time. With an increase in business, Clark has now returned to corporate life but has still managed to complete 8 Jack Malaney spy thrillers, 2 children’s books and an autobiography (for the family only)


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