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Alicia realises that Rebecca is Iris, and Iris was her mother. Alicia tells the story that she suddenly remembers: she was born to destroy Jesus, brought up to learn how to do it. And she has been searching for him for centuries. She was taught this by the Knights Templar, the leader of which is Professor Jameson. Jameson was once James, one of Jesus’ disciples. However, the real leader is the pope – every pope has wanted to destroy Jesus in order to take the real power of ruling the world. So they created monsters to do it for them. There have been many failures – Alicia has come closest. Meanwhile, Katie receives a visit from a mysterious woman named Iris. She informs Katie that her boyfriend – the father of the baby – has killed a man, and that she is now alone. However, Iris promises to look after Katie and provide her with a home. She will even buy her a house. There is something about Iris that Katie is drawn to. Despite her misgivings, despite realising that Iris is a vampire, Katie agrees. Iris takes Katie to a private hospital for her first scan, and whilst there she meets a man named Professor Jameson, the head of the Knights Templar. He is the one who is paying for Katie’s move, and anything else that she wants. He tells her that he and the others who are watching the scan will be the baby’s collective father, and nurture it. Iris finds a house for Katie and moves her into it. On moving day, Katie is overcome with emotion and feels weak, so Iris feeds her a little blood. Katie feels wonderful, and although she was angry at first, she realises that the blood was a good thing in the end. The next morning, however, Katie feels unwell. She collapses in the kitchen (Iris is still asleep) and lies there, bleeding. By the time Iris finds her, she has died. In

a panic because of the baby, Iris calls Jameson who tells her to use her own blood to keep the child alive until help comes. Iris falls unconscious and when she awakes she realises that the baby has been transplanted into her. She is terrified, but then becomes more pleased with the idea – she has lost her own children in the past, and this gives her another chance. It also gives her power. The baby that she is carrying is Alicia. Meanwhile, the Pope – Nicholas – is becoming impatient. He knows that the time must come soon for his monster to finish Jesus forever, and he wants it to happen now. Angry at the lack of progress, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He calls for Jameson to find out what the delay is, and, angry, kills him. At least, he attempts to. Jameson is a vampire, and we don’t know whether he lives or dies. Fra’gal finally catches up with the monster that has been chasing him and Alicia for as long as he can remember. The monster is Alicia – a much older version. She returned to stop her younger self from killing Jesus. The monster dies in his arms, and now Fra’gal must take on its mission and save Jesus from Alicia. Rebecca/Iris meets the Pope at the airport. She lets him know who she is, and tells him she knows why he is there. She then feeds him Jesus’ blood without his knowledge to enable him to be able to kill Jesus – otherwise the only two people who are able to are Alicia and Fra’gal/Judas. When Nicholas and Rebecca arrive at Jesus’ house, Jesus isn’t there. Fra’gal and Alicia are, however. Nicholas kills Rebecca, taking all of her blood. Fra’gal takes

Nicholas to Jesus, kisses Jesus’ cheek, and Nicholas kills him. Immediately, the world turns black and begins to crumble. By destroying Jesus, the pope has destroyed all vampires – including himself. Fra’gal drinks from Alicia and is reborn. Together they will rule the world




banner2Confused, Jack calls Bryant. Bryant may, in Jack’s eyes, have been a traitor, but he has many useful contacts. Bryant does some digging and comes back with an answer – he tells Jack that there are two different parties looking for the diary. The first is a breakaway Russian group determined to finish the nuclear strike from 1962 (they were already foiled back then, and again in 1992 when they learned of the existence of the diary). The second is a group much closer to home – the Goodchild family. Geoffrey is part of the family. They like to sell secrets, and this diary could be the making of them.

Jack realises that the diary must be in his mother’s grave. There is nowhere else. Bryant arrives unexpectedly and helps him search. The pair steal a digger from a building site, and dig up the coffin. Jack sends Bryant into the grave as he can’t face it, and Bryant says there is nothing there. Jack spot some paper in the man’s pocket – these few pages are the diary copy. Bryant, stuck in the grave, tells Jack everything. Sir Rupert Wisham is the Russian’s British messenger. He, and Bryant, will become very rich if the strike goes ahead. Jack grabs the diary and kills Bryant, burying him in his mother’s grave. Jack reads the diary. It sets out the story of Peter Malaney meeting a man at a party. This man is in trouble – he is part of the American navy, but has no one to trust. The Russians are plotting to bomb the US submarine base at Holy Loch in Scotland, and he cannot stop it. Peter says he will help. He travels to Holy Loch and gets inside the base with the help of Rum (their first meeting). Once inside, he manages to discover the secret code word that will call off the strike, confusing the Russians and making it unsafe for them to try anything more.

The diary is the evidence of a coming strike. No wonder so many people want it, for either monetary gain, or to destroy completely so that they can attack. Without the diary, no one will believe Jack if he tries to explain what is about to happen.


angels_frontJack Malaney has spent a lifetime dodging bullets, stepping out of the way of explosions, and mixing with the most dangerous men and women on the face of the planet. He has always lived his life by accepting that the past is done and the future is in the hands of others. As a formidable player in the world of international espionage he has spent his career being a loyal soldier to his country and a formidable defender against his country’s enemies. Jack’s life of certain danger is turned upside-down when he learns that he has a daughter, Hannah. She is the result of a tryst between Jack and a Soviet agent. Brought up in Russia as a redoubtable agent in her own right, Hannah is a force to be reckoned with.

Having learned of her existence Jack sets out on a quest to ¬find his daughter. He reaches out to his large network of contacts in an e ort to ¬find her and Boris, A former KGB agent makes contact with Jack. The help that Boris offers comes at a price. Boris wants Jack to help him destroy a sinister network, uncovered by Jack the year before, that has in¬filtrated governments across the globe. As Jack suspects that some elements within British Intelligence may be behind Hannah’s abduction, Jack feels that he has no other choice but to exceed to the offer made by Boris — it is the only way that he can keep the true nature of his quest from his superiors.

A game of cat and mouse across Europe ends in the Scottish Highlands. It is not the showdown that Jack had been expecting, or indeed dreading, but it is a showdown that will turn his life, and the lives of everyone who he loves or cares about up-side down.


deadly_frontFollowing on from The Baltic Triangle Codename Seaforth. Jack follows the escape plan set out by the IRA, as instructed by his handler. He boards a fishing vessel in the small harbour of Annalong and the boat Intercepts a container ship that is moving up the Irish Sea towards the North Atlantic. Barry Fagan (one of his IRA associates) is already onboard. The two men have a brief conversation about what went wrong. Barry doesn’t believe Jack and a fight breaks out. Barry produces a gun during the scuffle but Jack manages to wrestle it away from him. Barry tries to rush Jack and Jacks shoots him. Barry falls over the side of the ship into the sea. We move to 1990’s, South Africa. Jack has been placed in a new undercover role as the head of a large engineering firm which is heavily backed by British money. We get some sense of the kind of corruption that is rife in South Africa at that time as Jack meets with various shady individuals from the government, including an army General who used to be an ANC hit man.

Jack is told about a delegation of Irish Republicans who are heading to South Africa to learn how to make the transition from terrorists to Statesmen. In the eighties the IRA trained the ANC in terror tactics, and they even participated in operations in the country. It is now time for the favour to be returned, in the form of political science training. Jack is tasked with getting close to this group, not to disrupt their activities, but to protect them from a hard-line element of Republicans who are against the Northern Ireland Peace Process. Jack gets to the heart of the plot but he finds himself in a race against time and credibility, as he tries to convince the leader of the peaceful Republican group (Barry Fagan) that he, his delegation, and the entire Peace Process in Ireland, are in mortal danger.

Jack’s cover as the head of a British engineering company, which specialises in building power plants, provides him with a lot of contacts within the new government as all power plant projects involve input from many different government departments. Unfortunately there are many nations jockeying for influence with the new government in South Africa. This puts Jack in great danger.


baltic_frontThe Baltic Triangle is an introduction to the high octane universe of Jack Malaney; an unpretentious, yet highly intelligent Scotsman. Jack’s stories span several decades as he progresses from North Atlantic fishermen, working as chief engineer, onboard a Russian trawler, to CEO of several of the world’s biggest companies. The twist in the tale is that as Jack moves from job to job, country to country, he is also working as an undercover British agent.

The Baltic Triangle deals with how Jack is recruited into the secret services and it follows him on his first two missions. He finds himself on a very steep learning curve when he is sent back to his fishing boat to spy on the Russian trawler fleet. His spy masters believe that some of the boats in the fleet are being used to supply the Soviet submarine fleet operating off the coast of the USA and Canada.

During this inaugural mission things do not go according to plan and through no fault of his own Jack finds himself in a terrifying fight for survival against ruthless Soviet agents and the unforgiving North Atlantic. Jack escapes his would-be executioners by stealing a lifeboat. He is pulled from the boat dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia by the US Coastguard. With the mission over he is sent back to the UK.

However, Jacks superiors see something in him, and offer him an assignment that will change his life forever, that is, to infiltrate the IRA, but he is warned, many other agents have lost their lives, and suffered at the hands of the IRA.


Untitled-1Kabul International Airport was for civilians. It was big and it was loud, and despite  the dangers often touted to would-be tourists about the area, despite the problems, despite the unrest, it was bustling with people.

Shouting taxi cab drivers, porters demanding a tip for moving baggage three feet on a shaky trolley with squeaking wheels, passengers looking bemused and not a little frightened… This was Kabul. Built in the 1960s, the airport saw around 100,000 people arrive and depart every year. Now that Alexa was one of them, she felt as lost as they did.

Luckily for her, though, she spoke and read Pashto – one of the official language of Afghanistan – so if and when she needed to, she would easily (she supposed, but she knew never to assume) be able to find help.

Oratleast garner enough respect not to be lied to or fobbed off with wrong directions. Her guide and contact had not been named in the documents she had received from Arazi. She knew he or she wouldn’t be, butasalwaysshewishedshehad at least a clue. Strangely, Alexa often felt that this was the worst part of any mission – if she made a mistake here, the whole of the rest of the plan would be thrown off course. As she waited, luggage tight to her side, she saw a commotion up ahead.


edazeen_frontJack Malaney, after spending decades serving in the duty for MI6, settled in nicely at the Italian South.

As the prime illegal immigration hotspot of Europe, thanks to the hundreds of refugees reaching shore on a daily basis, it is the perfect testing ground for Jack’s new superiors, the EU INTCEN. The small supra-national agency is the first testing lab for elevating the intelligence services above the nation state, paving the way for a future of mutual trust and cooperation against the threats coming from outside of Europe. But the concept is still far away from becoming reality, and it’s not an easy task to navigate his own small team, Kieran, the Irish IT specialist, Ryan, who doubles as a Coast Guard spec ops, and Suzi, the diplomacy expert, who is trying to keep the information flow with all the national and international contacts intact, sometimes being more creative in her networking efforts than her office would ever dare to imagine.

Jack’s chilled out Mediterranean assignment quickly turns into a nightmare, as his glamorous dinner on a late summer night turns into the most vicious terror attack Italy has seen in the 21’st century. EU INTCEN has to prove its worth right in the line of fire, literally, as all hell breaks lose on the small Italian cargo port. But how do you cooperate with the local law enforcement efforts when your own little agency is somewhat dubious? How and why would anyone share vital information with a team a of “consultants”? The team has to improvise in the face of grave danger, as their investigation leads to a threat, lurking below the facade of the first wave of the attacks, that is more terrifying than anything Europe has faced since the World Wars.

And somehow, Jack Malaney is right in the middle of the unfolding, deadly game, as old acquaintances and new alliances show up on both sides of this underground conflict. The story meanders through time and space, on several locations in Africa, Syria, and Europe, before it reaches its climax when two immigrant ships run ashore on the same fateful day, and terror itself is hiding between the ranks of the refugees fleeing from war – not knowing that they themselves are bringing their own war to the very shores they hope to become their sanctuary…

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